Executive Functions: An introduction

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Course Description

This course delivers knowledge and learning on Executive functions which are a family of three core brain processes: inhibitory control, working memory and cognitive flexibility. These three core executive functions work together in different ways resulting in a set of other high-order skills called executive function skills. There are 11 executive functions skills including time-management, organisation, planning, emotional control and response inhibition.

This course will take you through 3 micro-modules (less than 12 mins each) designed to help you understand: 

  • Basic neuroscience behind executive functioning. 
  • How executive function challenges present in young people.
  • How parents and teachers can work alongside their child/student to support the development of these skills.

What you will learn

  • Learn what executive functions are, the neuroscience behind them and the factors that affect our executive functioning.
  • Look at what executive function challenges look like at school, in relationships and how they can impact behaviour at home.
  • Understand how parents and teachers should communicate with their child/student to support the development of these skills.
  • Support children to develop strong executive functioning through a shared literacy, specific praise and co-regulation. 
  • Get recommended reading and resources, as well as some information about the support offered by Connections in Mind. This includes our executive function coaching programmes, inset training days for teachers, our Connected Minds Parent Course and our online executive function support groups for adults and parents.

Your Course Coach

Victoria Bagnall, is a pioneer in the field of executive function skills development and passionately believes that applying the latest developments in neuroscience is the key to unlocking the potential to flourish in all aspects of our lives. As a mother of 3 herself, Victoria understands the need for empathy in the home to have happy and harmonious families.

This course is for any parent, teacher or educational professional who would like to know more about executive functions, how challenges with executive functions are presented at school and in behaviour at home, and how we can support the development of strong executive functioning in our children and students.

“A fantastic course to help me understand how our brains affect what we do and how we are. A real light bulb moment.”

“Informative and engaging, lots to think about. The start of my journey with executive functions.”


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