Setting up my EF coaching practice with Matt Rossler

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Setting up my EF coaching practice

Who is this course for?

It’s designed exclusively for professionals who have recently earned their EF Coach accreditation through Connections in Mind’s EFCU Programme.

Please read our Terms and Conditions HERE

Course Learning Outcomes

Clearly articulate your coaching niche by identifying –

  •  Your strengths, skills & passions as a coach.
  • Who you feel called to work with, and who you don’t.
  • Your target market’s pain and desire triggers.
  • Your coach title.
  • Understand the foundational elements of a coaching program and how it can work.
  • Create your own unique coaching program for your target clientele.
  • Identify how much you can confidently charge.

Understand the minimum requirements to operate as a professional coach, including –

  • Business insurance and registration

  • Contracts

  • Setup costs

  • Useful tech options.

  • Gain the tools and the confidence to connect with your first paying clients.

  • Connection with other likeminded passionate coaches on the same journey as you.

Our Training dates
Wednesday 7-9pm GMT
  • Programme commences 6th March: There is an optional (but recommended!) welcome 30 minute live meet-up and ‘tech check’.

  • 13th MarchSession 1: Nailing my Niche
  • 20th MarchSession 2: What’s my offering?
  • 27th MarchSession 3: Under the hood
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