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EF Coach Training Self-study Module 3 The Connect Phase

We talked in the first session about the three stages of our executive function approach


In this self study series we are going to be looking in depth at the Connect Phase. 

We have prepared this handout with the slides from the videos and the reflective practice exercise: Click here to download the handout

What do you need to do to prepare for the next session?

Your self study module this week included 7 tasks:

  1. Growth mindset (videos & quiz)
  2. Building rapport (video & quiz)
  3. Externalising challenges (video & quiz)
  4. Intrinsic motivation (video & quiz)
  5. Empathy (video & quiz)
  6. Reflective listening (reading & exercise – from the handout)
  7. Motivational interviewing (reading and exercise) 
  8. Session design task (video & exercise) watch the video for more information about designing the first session you have with your client/student

The online group training session will comprise:

  • Growth mindset (group discussion)
  • Session design (group activity)
  • Roleplay: reflective listening

Course Developer

Victoria Bagnall - Victoria, is a pioneer in the field of executive function skills development and passionately believes that applying the latest developments in neuroscience is the key to unlocking the potential to flourish in all aspects of our lives. As a mother of 3 herself, Victoria understands the need for empathy in the home to have happy and harmonious families.

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