Brain Boost Module: Pace Yourself: Getting to the end of the year in one piece

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We know that neurodivergence means that some days it feels like we are the hare and other days the tortoise in the race of life. Balanced pacing can be difficult for us, which often leads to a ‘boom-or-bust’ like work strategy. Actively working on this balance can mean the difference between feeling fulfilled in life, and coasting in burnout zone. 


Key Takeaways you can expect from this bite-sized video:

  • Learn how to listen to and tap into your body’s early warning signs of distress
  • Practical routine builders to help your body tune-in
  • Learn how to break down overwhelming scenarios to take action
  • Set up your ideal work zone with stimulation guardrails
  • Guidance to set up your grab-bag of recharge strategies
  • Why planning & prioritisation is key to preserving your energy
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