Neuro-Insight Module: Alcohol and Executive Function: Brains Under the Influence

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Drinking alcohol is normalised for a huge proportion of our society, and in the festive season the amount we drink on a regular basis tends to increase. Alcohol can make us feel good, can help us relax our thoughts, and release some of our anxieties and fears. And that can be a real draw for someone with a brain that never stops and a litany of executive function challenges to face. 

Before you have another glass of wine, do you know how alcohol impacts the brain? And, in particular, the neurodiverse brains? Often neurodiverse people self-medicate with alcohol without even realising it. And it’s pretty easy to understand that, right? 

But did you know that the same part of the brain is affected by ADHD and alcohol. Your neurodiverse symptoms (things like controlling inhibitions, impulsivity, poor memory) can all be amplified when you drink. Because it’s a depressant it can feel like having a drink or three is helping you relax, but neurodiverse people are also much more prone to developing a dependence on it, and further exacerbating their symptoms in the long run.

As we head into the holiday season, with all the celebrating that comes with it.

Join Dr Soracha Cashman, cognitive neuropsychologist, in this brief Neuro Insights module to learn a little more about the connection between alcohol and our executive functioning.

Key takeaways:

  • How does alcohol effect the brain?
  • The Neurodiverse brain on alcohol
  • Why Neurodiverse people are more prone to addiction
  • How can we help ourselves in time of social pressure
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