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Using Sleep, Exercise and Nutrition to enhance our minds

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We’ve all been there – we get busy, sidetracked or hyperfocused, and we begin to lose sight of the basics of healthy habits and practices. 

This month, we dive into exploring three of the most vital factors that influence how our executive functions function (or struggle to function) optimally – SLEEP, EXERCISE & NUTRITION. 

Stay tuned for our Masterclasses, webinars, live events, courses & resources all geared towards helping you to get the basics right & look after your body so you can live your best life!


Invest in yourself: An hour of guided self-reflection & practical planning regarding your wellbeing.

Give yourself the gift of self-reflection in this interactive Masterclass where we will guide you to consider your current self-care practices, and help you to develop a realistic self-care menu so you can build a happier, healthier YOU!

Neuro-Insight Module

The Science of Sleep

We all know that sleep is vital for optimal functioning – but why? What is the nitty gritty behind this? What really happens when you slip into a sleep deficit, and how does this influence your executive functioning? Find out here!

Brain-Boost Module

Nurture your EF Building Blocks

Learn about the 8 building blocks that play a major role in the optimal functioning of our executive function skills. You’ll pick up some practical strategies to make small changes that can lead to big results – a whole mind & body approach!


How to Convince your GP that ADHD is Real

Join us as we chat to our friends Lisa and Phil from ADHD360 in this much-anticipated & inportant discussion. We will take a look at how to initiate the conversation, share some resources that are available in making your case, and explore how to self-advocate to get the care that you deserve.

Schools Webinar (£30 + VAT)

The science behind behaviour: an approach which works for everyone.

Over the last 30 years we have learnt so much more about how the brain operates. The evidence very clearly shows that traditional school behaviour policies are not aligned with what we now know about the brain’s structure and function. In many cases traditional behaviour policies are actively (but not intentionally) discriminating against neurodiverse learners and those who have experienced trauma. Sadly in many cases these policies are unknowingly causing significant psychological harm.

Join Victoria Bagnall in this course (CPD accreditation pending) as she takes you through:

  • What executive functions are and how they impact teaching and learning.
  •  Executive functioning, neurodiversity and trauma.
  •  How traditional behaviour policies escalate unexpected behaviour and may cause psychological harm
  •  A three step approach to behaviour which can transform children’s development.

Who is this course for:

Teachers and Senior Leaders in education who want to create a progressive, inclusive behaviour policy which benefits all members of the school community.


Nutrition & ADHD

Can what you eat assist (or worsen) focus, sustained attention, and your other executive functions? What exactly does a ‘balanced’ diet look like for adults and children with ADHD? There is a lot of data out there that seems to offer different perspectives: Elimination, restriction, Mediterranean diets – how can you unpack what might be most suitable for you and/our your family? Join us for this free livecast as we dive into the world of nutrition and ADHD!


Your Healthy Habits Toolkit

This month’s toolkit contains habit trackers, worksheets, quizzes, affirmations, strategies and fun creative activities to set you on your path to a happy, healthy YOU!

Interactive Strategy Sessions

Run by Rachel Breskal, one of our executive function coaches, and using the May theme of Healthy Habits, these live strategy sessions will consolidate all the information from the Connected Club.

Come with a goal that you would like to achieve and we can work together to put this into practice. Each week we will discuss strategies to help you get the wagon wheels back on when they start to wobble or fall off!

Session 1, Tuesday 3rd May.

Session 2, Tuesday 17th May.

Session 3, Tuesday 31st May.

Weekly Support Sessions

Had a bad EF week? Then join one of our weekly support sessions, facilitated by Dr Soracha Cashman, one of our dedicated and experienced executive function coaches. In these sessions, find yourself amongst like minded people who equally struggle with their EFs. Gain and share support and advice, accountability and meet our wonderful EF community. 

Dr Cashman is a cognitive neuropsychologist and experienced group facilitator regularly working with FTSE 100 companies.

Magic Mondays

Think of us as your Accountability Buddies!

Kickstart your week with a Monday online accountability session with educational psychologist & EF coach, Casey Anley. We kick off with a live Zoom goal-setting session in the morning, regular check-ins during the day, and a final Zoom debrief & reflection at the end of the work day to share the wins, challenges & what we have learnt about the way we work best. 

Your Connected Club buddies all work virtually alongside you for accountability, so you can step into ninja-focus mode.  

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