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Time Management

Your Membership Content for March

Time management can be tricky for everyone, but executive functioning challenges can add an extra layer of difficulty!

We have put together this month’s events & resources to help you to change your relationship with time management, build your self-belief as a successful time-manager, and to find strategies that work for your unique brain.


Improve your relationship with time management: Get on time, up to date and on schedule.

Always in a rush – never enough time? Join Co-Founder Victoria Bagnall as she shares a lifetime’s experience of strategies to help with time management. Learn hacks to help you improve your punctuality, deadline completion and work-life balance. During this webinar you will co-create a workable plan for success you can get started on right away.


Learning Outcomes: 

  • Learn about the link between stress and time management
  • Understand time blindness and overcommitting.
  • Practice saying no and maintaining boundaries
  • 7 time management hacks
  • Understand the importance of scaffolding to embed these new habits
  • Create a workable plan, to improve your relationship with time.

Neuro-Insight Module

Growth Mindset

“If you think you can or can’t…you’re right!” – Henry Ford

Carol Dweck pioneered the important concept of Fixed vs. Growth Mindset to explain how the power of channelling learning opportunities can put us on the path to success.

If you are open to believe that you can improve your time management skills, you can train your brain to take the necessary steps to make this your reality. 

Learning Outcomes

After this pre-recorded, self-paced module with Victoria Bagnall, Co-founder of Connections in Mind and executive functioning expert, you will know:

  • What is a fixed mindset
  • The research of Carol Dweck
  • How our mindset impacts learning & development
  • How ‘grit’ applies to growth mindset
  • How to look at mistakes with a growth mindset
  • How a growth mindset influences intrinsic motivation

Brain-Boost Module

Manage Your Time Like A Pro

Does your to-do list manage you and not the other way around? 

Do you find it difficult to estimate how long something might take?

Struggle to identify priorities in your to-do list? 

If you’ve answered yes to any of these, then this module is for you!

We explore the reasons for your challenges with time estimation, as well as how to set up work schedules that work for your brain. 


Learning outcomes:

After this pre-recorded, self-paced module with Casey Anley, educational psychologist at Connections in Mind, you will know:

  • The science behind your challenges with time
  • How your executive functioning challenges influence your time estimation skills
  • How to manage your time overwhelm
  • The importance of prioritising, and how to make it work for you
  • How to apply your new skills, step-by-step
  • How to avoid common mistakes 

* This course is best watched in conjunction with our Task Initiation Course – click here for access. 


Women & ADHD

We are thrilled to welcome back Lisa and Phil from ADHD 360 as we discuss the often taboo subject of ADHD in women. We will cover how ADHD is often misdiagnosed as depression and/or anxiety in Women and the overlap of AD(H)D with the premenstrual syndrome (PMS & PMDD), migraine, menarche (onset of puberty) and the onset of menopause. In the discussion, we may also dig into the role of our mainly male-dominant society and what this means even for scientific research.


Parenting Children with Executive Functioning challenges

Did you sign up for the Connected Minds Parent course but found it difficult to get through all the videos? Or perhaps you did the course a while ago but you’ve struggled to keep implementing some of the things you learnt? Or maybe you would just like a refresher!?

If this sounds like you then come along to this free webinar to help you kick start using the connected minds parenting approach with your children. Our strategies can help reduce conflict with your children, support their executive function skill development and strengthen your relationship with them.

The webinar is being hosted by one of the creators of the course, psychologist Imogen Moore-Shelley and coach Lisa Christie. There will be a combination of presentations and a chance for you to ask questions.

Key Takeaways- 

  • A refresher on the main principles of Connected Minds Parenting
  • Support with either starting the online course or getting going again if you have already started

  • You will hear from other people in the same boat as you

  • You will get a chance to consider and get support with what’s getting in the way of you completing the course or embedding these concepts in your parenting

  • You will learn about other ways that Connections in Mind can support you with your parenting


Time Management

Tackle the way you look at time with this helpful toolkit with printable worksheets, posters and games to help you strengthen your time estimation and prioritisation skills!

Interactive Strategy Sessions

Run by Rachel Breskal, one of our executive function coaches and using the February theme of “Making relationships work”, these live strategy sessions will consolidate all the information from the Connected Club, specifically looking at:


Session 1, Tuesday 8th of March – Come with a goal that you would like to achieve and we can work together to put this into practice. We be discussing strategies including GEASERS to help create behaviour change.


Session 2, Tuesday 22nd March – Considering your goal from the previous session we will discuss strategies to help you get the wagon wheels back on when they start to wobble or fall off!


Weekly Support Sessions

Had a bad EF week? Then join one of our weekly support sessions, facilitated by Dr Soracha Cashman, one of our dedicated and experienced executive function coaches. In these sessions, find yourself amongst like minded people who equally struggle with their EFs. Gain and share support and advice, accountability and meet our wonderful EF community. 

Dr Cashman is a cognitive neuropsychologist and experienced group facilitator regularly working with FTSE 100 companies.

Magic Mondays

Think of us as your Accountability Buddies!

Kickstart your week with a Monday online accountability session with educational psychologist & EF coach, Casey Anley. We kick off with a live Zoom goal-setting session in the morning, regular check-ins during the day, and a final Zoom debrief & reflection at the end of the work day to share the wins, challenges & what we have learnt about the way we work best. 

Your Connected Club buddies all work virtually alongside you for accountability, so you can step into ninja-focus mode.  

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