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January 2023


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Happy New Year! Time for a Happy New 2023 You! 

This month our theme is NEW YEAR, NEW YOU! 

Look out for our events, live support & strategy groups, courses & resources all geared towards helping you to set your goals, engage your goal-directed persistence, and tap into that inner motivation to get the 2023 ball rolling!

£15 (Free for CC Members)

How to make - AND KEEP - your goals & new years resolutions

18th January, 20.00-21.00 GMT

Join Victoria Bagnall, co-founder of Connections in Mind,  for our first Connected Club live Masterclass for the year! 

Your beautiful brain has big dreams – we want to help you to reach those dreams, by helping you to understand how to set goals the neurodivergent way – so they stick, and you come out winning!

Free Live Webinar

Introduction to Executive Functions

25th January, 20.00-21.00 GMT

For those new to the world of executive functioning.

Have you recently stumbled on the world of executive functioning? Join us for this dive into the world of our brain’s personal organiser – that area of the brain responsible for juggling all we have to juggle in this chaotic world, and what you can do to support your unique EF challenges.

Free Livecast

Goal-setting done right

31st January, 20.00-21.00 GMT

Who is this webinar for?:

Anyone wanting to gain clarity and ideas on setting goals!

Join us for this free live informal chat with EF coach, Anna Manning, for tips on how to set goals with clarity and confidence.

January's Resource Pack - £35 - (Free for CC Members)

All your learning & toolkits in one place

Access your self-study modules, toolkits and monthly podcast links in our monthly resource pack, and earn 100 extra points if you complete the whole pack before the end of the month. 

Click below to start your journey to exploring our easy-to-access resources, and learn more about habits and reaching your goals.   

Interactive Strategy Sessions

Run by Rachel Breskal, one of our executive function coaches, and using this month’s theme, these live strategy sessions will consolidate all the information from the Connected Club.

Come with a goal that you would like to achieve and we can work together to put this into practice. Each week we will discuss strategies to help you get the wagon wheels back on when they start to wobble or fall off!

Session 1 – Tuesday 10th January 2023.

Session 2 – Tuesday 24th January 2023.

Weekly Support Sessions

Had a bad EF week? Then join one of our weekly support sessions, facilitated by Dr Soracha Cashman, one of our dedicated and experienced executive function coaches. In these sessions, find yourself amongst like minded people who equally struggle with their EFs. Gain and share support and advice, accountability and meet our wonderful EF community. 

Dr Cashman is a cognitive neuropsychologist and experienced group facilitator regularly working with FTSE 100 companies.

Magic Mondays

Think of us as your Accountability Buddies!

Kickstart your week with a Monday online accountability session with educational psychologist & EF coach, Casey Anley. We kick off with a live Zoom goal-setting session in the morning, 2 x GET IT DONE sessions – that’s 30 minutes of focused task-blasting time), and a final Zoom debrief & reflection at the end of the work day to share the wins, challenges & what we have learnt about the way we work best. Join all or whichever sessions your schedule affords. 

Your Connected Club buddies all work virtually alongside you for accountability, so you can step into ninja-focus mode.  

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