Connections in Mind are a family of organisations who are committed to raising awareness of executive function skills and their impact on children, adults, families, and within workplace and educational settings. 

What is executive function coaching?

A coaching approach is the best way to work on developing strong executive function skills.  Our coaches collaborate with clients to test out strategies which work for them. We then support our clients to embed these new habits in their lives. Success in executive function coaching is measurable and life changing. 

How could our coaches help you?

Our coaches use their experience and expertise to support clients in improving their executive function skills by co-creating strategies, setting goals and working out a roadmap to achieving those goals.

Our coaching approach is unique as it is grounded in neuroscience meaning that we are constantly evolving based on the latest research in psychology. We offer a service in which our sessions are client-led and bespoke to the needs and challenges of the individual. Book your free insight session with our client services team to find out more about our range of services to suit all budgets.

A coach can help you overcome these challenges

Our coaches

Inspiring, engaging, passionate. A few words that encapsulate the coaches at Connections in Mind. We invest in our network of coaches by maximising their talent, supporting their learning and championing their individual coaching styles to provide effective, results-driven and impactful coaching programmes. We pride ourselves on the quality of our coaches and the importance of the coach matching process. 

workplace learning
Array of backgrounds

Our coaches come from a range of professional backgrounds and with a vast array of experience. So we’ve got the perfect coach for you.


Our coaches are knowledgeable and experienced. Which means we can support you to reach your goals.

Insight calls and chemistry sessions

We pride ourselves in matching you with the right coach through free insight sessions and chemistry matching sessions with a selection of coaches.

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