The start of a new school year can be really taxing for our executive functions

We're here to help!


The Back To School Toolkit

Our team of psychologists and teachers have been working hard behind the scenes to put together a bundle of downloadable resources for you to use at home.

Start your term stress-free with our back-to-school toolkit; a mixture of checklists, planners and worksheets to help you start the year as you mean to go on

Use neuroscience-based learnings and techniques to gain clarity and confidence in your everyday life!

Keen to build executive function literacy at home?

Our engaging character cards bring the skills to life and help children learn what they can do to improve their executive function skills.

Did you know that colouring can help with emotional regulation?

Embedded with strong messages about brain development and resilience these colouring pages are the perfect resource to have on standby when a meltdown is looming or you just need some space to regulate yourself.

Need a prompt to remind yourself of the executive function skills definitions?

Our colourful printable poster uses visuals to help the whole family 'name and tame' their executive function skills challenges. Help your family better understand and support each other to develop stronger skills.

The Connected Parents Online Course

This course allows you to take the positive steps necessary to connect with your family on a whole new level. To collaborate together with confidence and understanding. And to support each other through life’s inevitable challenges.

Kind Words

Thank you for the connected parenting class. I thought it was excellent. It really has been an eye opener and I hope that the information and techniques presented will be a big help supporting him at home. My plan is to make time every Monday morning to review the concepts until (hopefully) all the skills sinks in – and yes, I am literally picturing that brain pathways video as I type! Thanks again

Affordable Support!

Printable Bundle:

£42  £28

(that’s 30% off!)

Printable Bundle + Parenting Course:

£192  £115

(that’s 40% off!)

Got Any Other Questions?

Book a call with Casey, our resident psychologist!

Buy one, gift one

At Connections in Mind we are on a mission to ensure that everyone has support with their executive function challenges. We also understand that the people who need the most support are often those who can least afford it. Thats why, for every paid membership that is bought we will gift one to someone who is in need of it most. 

If you feel that you qualify for a gifted membership or if you know someone you would like to gift a membership to, email and we will see if we can allocate you or your nominee a free membership.

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